Mistakes That Cost You Big Cash

Some mistakes hurt you more than others, but these financial blunders can really bite you in the long run:

Carrying a credit card balance. Paying off your credit card is one of the smartest things you can do. Carrying a balance gets you a hefty interest charge and lowers your credit score.

Too many debts. Multiple debts mean spending more on interest and mean more bills and money out of your pocket. A combination of payday loans, personal loans, and other debt can also become overwhelming and confusing.

Not keeping tabs on your credit score. You should check your credit score at least twice a year to ensure that you have not been the victim of identity theft or fraud. If you have been targeted, you need to act fast to stem the damage.

Not thinking long term. If you’re thinking paycheck to paycheck you may arrive at retirement age with nothing saved up. You need to be thinking of purchases and life decisions you will be making five, ten, and thirty years down the road.

Overspending. Spending too much (more than you earn) traps you in a vicious cycle of debt that is very hard to crawl out of.

Not budgeting. If you’re not planning where your money goes, your money will always have a tendency to disappear on frivolous purchases.

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